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Ease Your Neck

Introducing our 14-day neck and shoulder mobility program, focused on improving flexibility, relieving tension, and enhancing overall mobility in these crucial areas. This program includes a series of gentle exercises and stretches designed to reduce stiffness and increase range of motion.

Whether you're experiencing discomfort from desk work or seeking to enhance your athletic performance, these exercises are tailored to suit all levels of fitness. With regular practice, you can expect improved posture, reduced pain, and greater ease of movement in your neck and shoulders. Join us in prioritizing your neck and shoulder health for a more comfortable and active lifestyle!

Best For:

Shoulder, Neck and Jaw Pain, Forward Head Posture, Shoulder Mobility, Nerve Tension, Headaches, and Upper Trap Tightness

You need very little to keep your fascia hydrated, your joints mobile and your body moving with ease!

For foam rollers, softer is better. This is a good option.

My favorite Ball Kit on the market is The Roll Model® Starter Kit.